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Alice in Earnestland (2015)

Alice in Earnestland (2015)

PG-13Genre: Drama, Komedi, Thriller
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 87 MenitDilihat: 93 views
IMDB Rate: 16 voting, rata-rata 7,2 dari 10
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Since she was young, Soo-Nam has been able to do anything well with her hands. She holds 14 different certificates for typing excellence, but a computer takes over her job. Luckily, she finds a new job and marries. Soo-Nam and her husband decide to buy a house. They take out a loan to pay for their home. Soo-Nam works hard to pay off the loan, but she falls into more debt. Then … an opportunity arises to pay off all her debts at once.

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