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Faith's Song (2017)

Faith’s Song (2017)

NRGenre: Drama, Keluarga
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 103 MenitDilihat: 41 views
IMDB Rate: 2 voting, rata-rata 8,0 dari 10
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A young girl’s faith is tested, when her parents are suddenly killed in a car accident and she’s forced to move in with relatives who don’t share her belief in God. A talented singer, who desires to worship God with her songs, she finds herself in a new city, a new school and no friends. With her uncle and others at school challenging her faith, one boy emerges, who seems to see the greatness in her. Now she must come to grips with either fitting in or following God – which could cost her more than just her faith.

Tagline:When you’ve lost everything, will you still walk by faith?
Anggaran:$ 156.000,00

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