Nonton Movie: Pocong Setan Jompo (2009)

Nonton film Pocong Setan Jompo (2009) online dengan subtitle bahasa Indonesia di gratis. Sub hanya tersedia untuk layanan online streaming. Gunakan GOOGLE CHROME, SUBTITLE TIDAK MUNCUL DI MOZILLA FIREFOX.

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Pocong Setan Jompo (2009)

Pocong Setan Jompo (2009)

PG-13Genre: Horror
Kualitas: Tahun: Durasi: 89 MenitDilihat: 273 views
IMDB Rate: 11 voting, rata-rata 2,9 dari 10
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The lives of five students change after the arrival of a mysterious woman who claims to be the administrator of a nursing home. Cecil, an intelligent student, breaks up with Ridho, who is caught cheating with another student. Then the five of them are summoned to see the Dean and given the task of helping nurse Saskia, a mysterious woman, to look after of the nursing home. They protest initially but when nurse Saskia appears, they are hypnotized and willing to help. Nobody realizes that they have just made a deal with the devil who not only needs their strength but also their lives.

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